Mar 19, 2017

Tony Auxier - Marion

A few years ago, I became interested in a real estate career.  After learning what I needed to do to obtain a license, I researched the companies in the area to determine where I would want to work.  This part was simple.  I went to several banks, title companies, some attorneys, and a few courthouses in the area and asked which real estate company in the area was the most professional and had the highest ethical standards.  The answer was unanimous.  Everyone I asked said CENTURY 21 House of Realty, Inc. was the real estate company that met those qualifications.  

I chose to stop by the office at the Lake of Egypt and happened to meet Rich Davis.  He invited me to talk with him about a career in real estate.  Everything he shared with me that day and afterward confirmed what I had already heard.  When I received my license I went to work with the CENTURY 21 House of Realty, Inc. office in Marion.  Rich assigned one of the most experienced brokers in the firm to mentor/train me, along with providing regular training sessions for everyone in the company.   Everything I have experienced since that time has reinforced those first impressions of an organization that is committed to the highest levels of professionalism and ethical conduct.  It has been a privilege to be associated with the people in this company.