She Shed-The History Behind the Perfect Escape

Apr 16, 2021

After 2020, we could all use an escape.

She Sheds offer women a way to escape and distract from the real world with their favorite hobby or passion. They are the equivalent to a mancave.

When did they become a thing?

The first she shed in America is credited to Sandra Foster. In 2015, Foster told TODAY during an interview that uses the shed stocked with books, a sofa and a bed to escape from the stress of work. It was her place to recharge.

For some, the first introduction to a “she shed” comes courtesy of a hilarious State Farm TV commercial, in which these inspired words were uttered: “Well, it finally happened, Zachary, somebody burned down my she shed.”

Do they add property value?

Like sheds in general, experts say a she shed will not add value to a home unless it happens to have a foundation.

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