Dealing with a Bee Invasion

Aug 15, 2021

In honor of national honey bee day, we want to discuss what to do if your property has been invaded by a swarm of honey bees.

To many, bees are viewed as outdoor pests and dangerous insects. But did you know that bees are a crucial component of food production? Bees are responsible for helping provide one-third of the food we consume. 

If bees invade your property, experts say do not panic, just give it a few days.  

Oftentimes, nests get congested, prompting some of the bees to leave and look for new nesting sites. The bees often form a mass on a tree branch or other support for a few days until a permanent site is found. Swarms that remain after a week may need to be removed by a beekeeper. 

If you have a swarm that has overstayed its welcome, do not:

attempt to seal the entrance
attempt to use any kind of hornet, roach or other insect spray to kill it; it will NOT work and in most instances, is a violation of the law
try to ‘smoke it out’
try to investigate or aggravate it in any way
The best thing to do is contact your local fire or police department. They have names and numbers of beekeepers that will remove the honey bee colony safe – and alive.