2022 Kitchen Trends: Steam Ovens

Jan 22, 2022

According to REALTOR® Magazine, homeowners are cooking healthier and smarter, adding  “the hottest new appliance,” the steam oven, to their kitchen.

It looks like a standard oven but circulates steam rather than hot air. This kind of oven keeps food moist, locking nutrients and flavor while canceling the need for extra fats and oils. Traditional ovens can destroy nutrients like vitamin C and folate. Steam cooking preserves them. 

It cooks lightning fast, saving time. For example, one serving of salmon typically takes 20 minutes to cook at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a traditional oven. It only takes five to eight minutes in a steam oven. 

 It is even taking over the microwave, as many are finding it more efficient when it comes to reheating leftovers. Steam ovens will safely defrost food, instead of partially cooking, the way it inevitably does in the microwave.