What Does Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Say About Your Decorating Style?

Mar 12, 2021

Your favorite Girl Scout cookie may influence your taste in design

It is National Girl Scout Day! I am not sure about you but when we think of our wonderful area girl scouts, we think of their famous cookies! But did you know that your favorite cookie may influence your taste in design?

Thin Mint - Cool, Edgy And Modern
You believe less is more and sleek is the best. You love clean-lined pieces and choose a minimal color palette.

Trefoil -Classic, Traditional And Neutral
Your style is simple and elegant. You look for ways to include soft lighting, touches of gold and tend to use a neutral color palette.

Samoa- Over The Top And Plenty Of Fun
You believe more is more! You love to use the entire color spectrum and incorporate wild textures and unique pieces.

Tagalong - Cozy, Relaxed, And Warm
Comfort is key when styling your space. You create an inviting atmosphere, using warm color palettes and natural elements.

Lemonades- Eclectic, Exotic And Diverse
You love mixing it up! You incorporate different textures and display unique worldly treasures.

Girl Scout S’mores’- Rustic, Warm, Outdoorsy
You use raw and often unfinished elements including wood and stone. You accessorize with items from the outdoors with warm, neutral color palettes.
Toffee-Tastics - Transitional, Cool, Stylish
You borrow from both modern and traditional, its appealing and unexpected. You incorporate modern materials such as steel and glass and unite them with plush furnishings.

Do-Si-Dos - Costal, Calm, Relaxed
You choose light and airy color palettes with cool natural shades paired with blues and greens. You accessorize with items inspired by the sea.